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Words of Wisdom

There is a point in time in which a significant change occurs, many of you are at the place where something significant is about to happen and it is going to propel you in a another direction. After suffering, after trials, after your moments of battle, after the ice, after the storm, there is promotion. When you come out of it, God is going to elevate you. Some of you are in the fire today. Winds of adversity have been blowing against you, but I'm here to tell you that you are just before your promotion.

You are where God wants you and you're going to make it. It is because of the turning point. The amount of resistance you're facing let's you know you're headed in the right direction. The storm God places there is to cause you to grow up. Your turning point is in your beliefs. Stay on track! Stay in the fire! When you get in the midst of your struggle, when you get in the midst of your turbulence, when you get in the midst of your storm, when you're going through your trials, you're not going to have to stand alone. God is going to show up in the fire with you. You are going through trouble right now, because God is going to save someone through your afflictions. When you are going through it, God has a divine purpose in mind, and the purpose is that those who are watching you when the enemy says you are not going to make it, your friends don't believe you, and your neighbors think you are crazy, when it is all over God is going to prosper you. He is going to elevate you.

He's going to cause you to be an example and they are going to come to you and say, "I want to know about the God that is able to keep you in the midst of your trials, I want to know the God who is able to deliver you." You are not in the fire because of your disobedience, but because you chose to obey God. The fire is where you need to be. Don't allow that situation to continue to keep you in shackles, with a heavy heart, in a backwards position, to back up when you need to be going forward. To slow down when you know you've got to trot. I've come to tell you to run on just a little while longer, for your turning point is just around the corner. You can't go in the fire and not come out changed. The fire came to make you who you are.

He has already orchestrated your steps. Watch how God is going to deliver you. There is none like your God who can snatch you from financial ruin, there is none like God who is able to snatch you from emotional decay, who can snatch you from your own being. The devil is not going to be able to mess with you for a season because you are going to be so well equipped with the power of almighty God. In the very place they tried to keep you out of, you're going to get a double portion. Double for your trouble! God is trying to make a covenant with you. There is a table that is being prepared in the presence of those who said you couldn't do it and you wouldn't make it. God promotes and He blesses. He gives you prosperity. You are going to reign and you are going to rule in the areas of your greatest struggles.

Job 23:10; Daniel 6:27; Isaiah 61:7-8; Job 42:10


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